Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A Rose By Any Other Name

Journalist Franklin P. Adams coined the term aptronym to designate a name that is suited to a profession. And so we have Roy Holler, auctioneer; James Bugg, exterminator; Linda Toot, flautist; Dorothy Reading, librarian; Marvin Dime, coin dealer; and Priscilla Flattery, publicist. Today, let’s take a look at some categories that have more than their share of suitable names. (You’ll find an entire chapter on this subject in my latest book, On The Lamb in a Doggy Dog World.)


• Rev. James R. God is minister of the Baptist Church in
Congress, South Carolina
• Rev. D. Goodenough is a Methodist minister
• Donald Goodness is the rector of the Church of the Ascension in New York City
• There is a feminist theologian named Dr. Carol Christ.
• The Rev. Samuel Abbot is an Episcopalian priest, as is Rev. George Easter. Father Donald
Abbot serves the Catholic Diocese of Charleston.


• Dr. Tom Fillar is a dentist.
• So are Dr. Aichen and Dr. Chiew.
• Dr. Hertz was a dentist in Ft. Lauderdale.
• Dr. Yankelovich is a dentist in Palos Heights, Illinois.
• Dr. Les Plack is a dentist in the San Francisco Bay Area.


• Dr. Dick Chopp is an Austin, Texas, vasectomy specialist.
• Joseph C. Babey is a pediatrician.
• Dr. Harry Beaver is a Virginia gynecologist.
• American Urological Association members include Dr. P.P. Peters, Dr. Wiener, Dr. Cox,
Dr. Dick, and Dr. John Thomas..
• Dr. Richard Bone is an osteopath.


• In Traverse City, Michigan, three lawyers are named Justice, Robb, and Law.
• If your reputation has been defiled, you may want to consult with Boston’s Joshua Stayn,
and if you pay by the hour, Florida’s Kathy Klock might be your pick.
• Michael Ram will help you with Military Law, but not as avidly as Michael Guerra (Spanish
for war).
• Daniel Saylor specializes in Maritime Law.
• In Rochester, David Tennant will help you with Real Estate Law.


• Prof. Martin Braine is an American cognitive psychologist.
• S.M. Breedlove writes on sexual dimorphism for the Journal of Neuroscience.
• Gene Shearer is a Biologist with the U.S. National Institute of Health.
• The American expert on deformed frogs is Professor Hoppe of Southwest University of
• Dr. Randolph Seed worked on a project on artificial insemination at the Reproduction and
Fertility Clinic in Chicago.


Specialists in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry include
  • Dr. Denton
  • Dr. Hugg
  • Dr. Noh
  • Dr. Panik
  • Dr. Van der Gaag

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