Friday, September 08, 2006

Going to the Dogs

In most Teutonic languages, the generic word for dog was hound (hund). For some reason, Old English began to favor the word dog (docga).

Since primitive times, dogs have been treated as workers and companions, and this has resulted in many proverbs, comparisons, and colorful phrases.

• a dog's life
• barking up the wrong tree
• (her) bark is worse than her bite
• clean as a hound's tooth
• crooked as a dog's hind leg
• die like a dog
• dog-and-pony show
• dog collar
• dog days
• dog-eared book
• dog eat dog
• dogface
• dogfight
• dogging it
• doggy bag
• dog-logic
• dogpaddle
• dog someone's footsteps
• dog tags
• dog tired
• dogtoothed
• dogs of war
• dog-watch
• every dog will have its day
• fogdog
• friendly as a wet dog
• going to the dogs
• hair of the dog
• hangdog look
• hotdog
• hound someone
• hound's tooth
• in a dog's age
• in dog years
• in the doghouse
• keep something at bay
• lapdog
• let sleeping dogs lie
• like a dog with two tails
• muzzle that dog
• not a dog's chance
• not fit for a dog
• old dog, new tricks
• pup tent
• puppy love
• put on the dog
• raining cats and dogs
• raise one's hackles
• run with the hounds
• see a man about a dog
• shaggy dog story
• sick as a dog
• sore dogs (feet)
• sundog
• throw to the dogs
• top dog
• underdog
• you’re dog food!

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