Saturday, November 10, 2012


The Greek word ναός (naos) is at the core of a very small number of English words. Naos is defined as an ancient Greek temple, specifically, the innermost part of a temple or shrine.

Naology is the study of sacred buildings. Its adjective form is naological – of or relating to the study of sacred buildings.

Naometry is the numerological analysis of biblical accounts of the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon.The word owes its existence to the long-lost text of the Naometria of Simon Studion, a 16th century German mystic.

The temple dimensions are found in 1 Kings 6:2, 2 Chronicles 3:2, and Ezekiel 41:2. The thinking was that manipulation of these numbers would lead to prophetic revelations.

Lots of luck with that.

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