Saturday, December 01, 2012

Shades of Gray

I haven’t been able to find 50, but discovering 15 different word parts signifying various shades of gray isn’t shabby.
  • ash-gray: tephr- (tephroite) and has- (hasard) and spodio- (spodiosite)
  • blue-gray:  caesi- (caesius)
  • brown-gray: bis- (biset)
  • dark bluish-gray: peli- (peliosis)
  • dusky-gray:  phaeo- (phaeophyll) and pheo- (pheochrome)
  • flax-gray:  grid- (gridelin)
  • green-gray:  glas- (glastum)
  • iron-gray:  feran- (ferant)
  • pale-gray:  polio- (poliomyelitis)
  • pearl-gray:  gris- (griseous)
  • silvery-gray:  glauco- (glaucodont)
  • white-gray:  can- (canescent)

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