Saturday, May 04, 2013

Senior Spelling Bee Results

Here are the Senior Citizen Spelling Bee Winners for 2013. The Bee is a function of the Traverse City (MI) Senior Center.

First Place: Chris Olsen, Alan Olsen. They correctly spelled sybotic, then validated with oenology.

Second Place: Ronald Smith, Cornelia Hart, Dick Fidler. They went out on sybotic (pertaining to a swineherd).

Third Place: Linda Blakkon, Eleanor Lynn. They went out on exsert (the opposite of insert).

Here is a list of the words actually used. The contest took 35 rounds. Participants work in teams, and words are drawn blindly from a container.

assiduous, burnish, impute, equivocate, ignoble, idyll, equipoise, cabal, obviate, cadge, calumniate, overweening, sagacious, salubrious, salient, iconoclastic, homogeneity, salutary, mendacity, incredulous, mendicant, mercurial, mitigate, morose, capricious, disabuse, castigate, expostulate, torpor, torrid, suppliant, dynamo, poignant, sycophant, mollify, tautology, verisimilitude, trousseau, truculence, turgid, umbrage, regale, vendible, tyro, surfeit, taciturn, refractory, turpitude, typography, turbid, perfidious, prosaic, peremptory, tutelary, timorous, umbratilous, misogynist, temerity, misanthrope, proscribe, hermetic, mien, perfunctory, minion, auspicious, imperious, malinger, partisan, approbation, appropriate, dulcet, garrulous, garrulity, vesicate, peripatetic, stymie, veritable, volubility, broach, boisterous, beatify, bedizen, intransigence, impetuous, vituperate, viduity, virology, expurgate, edifying, exscind, exsert, denigrate, farraginous, aichmophobic, rhonchial, zymurgy, ochlesis, baize, obvallate, oneirodynia, sagittiform, agrestic, jejunator, roscid, jejune, blennoid, scissile, xerodermia, sybotic, oenology

I am always amazed and humbled by their performance. The human mind: use it or lose it.

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