Monday, September 22, 2014

Apprise me of the Appraisal

Recently, I’ve been pigging out on reruns of The Artful Detective, a detective series set in 19th century Toronto. In one episode, Detective Murdoch is sternly admonished by the Superintendent to “keep me appraised of developments." Unfortunately, bad word choice.

To appraise is to examine something in order to give an estimate of its value. It is a calculation of its worth or quality, often before selling it or putting it up for auction.  It tracks back to the Anglo-French appraiser. In turn that came from the Latin a-/ad- plus presser, to prize.

To apprise is to impart knowledge or information to someone. It may involve formal notification or an informal passing on of information. Apprise comes from the
French appris, the past participle of apprendre, to learn.

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