Sunday, April 09, 2017

In Perpetuity

Frank from Suttons Bay came across the phrase in perpetuity, and he figured out from context that it means forever. In legal use, it means “not subject to termination.” The phrase is often used in documents granting an easement to a utility company. 

It tracks back to the Latin adjective perpetuus, lasting or permanent. There are a few words that use the same root, and these examples have been compiled from the Oxford English Dictionary.

·      perpetual:  Continuing or continued in time without interruption or remission; repeated frequently or without cessation; occurring in endless succession; persistent; continual; constant.

·      perpetuality:  The quality, state, or condition of being perpetual.

·      perpetually:  Without remission or intermission, unfailingly, incessantly; with constant recurrence, continually.

·      perpetualness:  Perpetuality.

·      perpetuation:    The action of perpetuating something; permanent continuation; preservation from extinction or oblivion; (in recent use) spec. continuation or preservation of an idea, myth, etc., by reiteration.

·      perpetuative:  Having a tendency or inclination to perpetuate something; that effects perpetuation.

·      perpetuator:  A person who or thing which perpetuates something.

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