Saturday, September 15, 2018


Kirk from Boyne City, Michigan, asked about the word catwalk   It appears that it was named after the sure-footedness and agility of a cat, since many catwalks are narrow and somewhat precarious.

While all catwalks are designed as passageways for standing or walking, there are slight variations depending up their location. Thus, we have

·      a narrow walkway along a bridge;
·      a platform along which models walk in a fashion show : a runway;
·      on a truck, the plate directly behind the cab or sleeper covering the frame rails to provide a safe place to stand while tarping a load or retrieving chains, straps, bungees, etc.;
·      a narrow passage in a dirigible;
·      a narrow bridge communicating with the two fly-galleries above and below the proscenium arch;
·      on a ship, any long narrow gangway, especially when erected high over anything or above a deck that is awash in heavy weather.

Gangway means a going way.

A runway originally was a path made by an animal. In 1933, it became the walkway for models exhibiting clothes.

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