Sunday, December 23, 2012

Some Christmas Words

stable: Latin stabulum, stable, stall, enclosure or fold for animals; literally, a standing place, from stāre to stand.

crèche:  came through French from the German, where it meant a receptacle for fodder, a food rack or crib for animal feed. Now it’s a representation of the infant Jesus with attending figures.

manger: a long open trough in a stable used to hold fodder for animals. From the French manger, to eat.

fodder: food for cattle, especially hay or straw.. From a Germanic word meaning to feed.

stall:  each compartment in a stable holding a single animal. From a Germanic word meaning to stand.

nativity:  now used exclusively to describe the birth of Jesus, it comes from a Latin word that means birth or origin.

Available from McFarland & Co.: Word Parts Dictionary, 2nd edition

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