Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Pasta Loves Mama

Allergies aside, most people love pasta. It makes a hearty and filling meal. The word came from a word meaning dough or paste.

Words that are related are paste, paté, (hamburger) patty, and pasty -- seasoned meat or fish turnovers, notoriously prominent throughout Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Latin, Italian, and German have contributed to the pasta vocabulary. Italian tends to favor shape names; Latin and German favor source or container.

capellini = fine hairs
conchiglie = shells
ditalini = little thimbles
farfalle = butterflies
fettucine = small ribbons
fusilli = twisted
lasagne = pot
linguini = little tongues
macaroni = dumpling
manicotti = small muffs
mostaccioli = small mustaches
noodle = paste with egg
penne = quills
radiatore = radiators
rigatoni = grooves
rotini = spirals
ruote = wagon wheels
spaghetti = little cord
vermicelli = little worms
ziti = bridegrooms (perh. because shaped like a penis)

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