Saturday, May 12, 2007

Della Street

Someone mentioned strange street names during my last show, and Traverse City’s Psycho Path came up. I know that it shows up on many lists, but I have driven past it and it appears to be a private drive, not a public street, so I’m not sure that it qualifies as an actual street name. No doubt that it is clever, though.

There is also supposed to be a Buckshot Road in the area, but the nearest I find alphabetically in the phone book is Buttermilk. The ominous street name Buckshot would be comfortable in the company of Shades of Death Road (Warren County, New Jersey), Bucket of Blood Street (Holbrook, Arizona), and Breakneck Road (Green Pond, New Jersey).

Zzyzx Road may be found in Zzyzx, California, which received its name from a resident named Springer (no, not Jerry). Mr. Springer claimed to have found zzyzx as the last word in a dictionary, and that was good enough for him. I guess he figured that made his town the last word in villages. I find no evidence that the word ever existed, and since Springer served time for selling phony elixirs, his veracity is in doubt.

Buena, New Jersey, is home to Unexpected Road, and Divorce Court is found in a trailer park in Pittston, Pennsylvania. Neither is as disconcerting as Skunk’s Misery Road in Long Island, New York.

Our neighbors to the north weigh in with a few strange street names: Bastard Ward (Kingston, Ontario), Ragged Ass Road (Northwest Territory), and Lois Lane (Chilliwack, British Columbia). Not missing a beat, there are also Lois Lanes in Rocky Ford, Colorado, and Walnut Creek, California.

There are also a few intersections of note. Toronto is home to the intersection of Clinton and Gore. On the more salacious side, Chicago boasts the intersection of Hooker and Bliss, and New York City has the intersections of Seaman and Cumming, and Bangher and Leever.

And if you have occasion to browse at Winter Pianos in Oxfordshire, England, you’ll find the showroom on Crotch Crescent road.

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