Monday, October 01, 2007


The word dapper has a slightly old-fashioned feel to it. It means neatly dressed, trim, lively and alert, very stylish in dress or appearance.

In recent times, it has not been as complimentary as it once was. It has taken on undertones of fussiness, dandyism, or petty attention to fashion. Still, it often is used appreciatively and positively.

For a word that denotes elegance, it had strange beginnings. It started in the Low Germanic language group, perhaps in Flemish or Dutch regions. It meant powerful, strong, and stout. These developed into persevering, brave, and undaunted.

Ultimately, the neatly accoutered undaunted knight morphed into the dauntless well-dressed road warrior.

SIDEBAR: Dapper: the quest to unlock web data legally

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