Monday, January 21, 2008

Something FISHY Going On

Since so many of our words developed from Greek and Latin terms, it is predictable that we often have two roots expressing the same concept. For instance, in Greek the word for fish is ichthus, and we find many words in English reflecting that spelling.

ichthus: A stylized representation of a fish in profile, consisting of a pointed oval extended by two lines at one end (representing a tail), used as symbol for Jesus Christ or Christianity. [Click here]
ichthyic: Of, pertaining to, or characteristic of fish; having the zoological characters of a fish.
ichthyolatry: fish-worship, the worship of a fish-god, as Dagon.
ichthyology: The natural history of fish as a branch of zoology.
ichthyomancy: Divination by means of the heads or entrails of fishes.
ichthyophagy: The practice of eating fish.
ichthyopolist: A seller of fish, a fishmonger.
icthyosaurus: A genus of extinct marine animals, combining the characters of saurian reptiles and of fish with some features of whales, and having an enormous head, a tapering body, four paddles, and a long tail.
ichthyosis: A congenital disease of the skin in which the epidermis becomes thickened and assumes a dry and horny appearance. (Also called fish-skin disease and porcupine disease.)
osteichthyan: Of, relating to, or designating the bony fishes (class Osteichthyes); characteristic of fishes of this class.
palaeoichthyologist | paleoichthyologist: A palaeontologist who specializes in extinct and fossil fish.

In Latin, the word for fish is piscis, so we find words containing the -pisc- root.

expiscate: To “fish out”; hence, to find out by scrutiny.
piscary: The right to fish in a particular body of water; a fishing right.
piscation: Fishing.
piscatology: The study or practice of fishing.
piscatory: A literary work portraying the lives of fishermen or anglers.
piscicide: The killing or slaughter of fish.
piscicle: A small fish.
pisciculture: The artificial or controlled breeding and rearing of fish; fish farming.
pisciform: Shaped like a fish; taking the form of a fish.
piscine: Of or relating to fish; of the nature of or characteristic of a fish or fishes.
piscivororous: Fish-eating; ichthyophagous.
piscose: Of a taste: fishy.
pisculent: Full of fish; that may be fished.


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