Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thrust Me

The root -trud- came from the Latin trudere, to thrust, and it showed up in many words, usually verb forms.

• abstrude: to thrust away
• contrude: to thrust or crowd together
• detrude: to thrust away, expel, or repel forcibly
• extrude: to shape materials by forcing them through dies
• intrude: to force yourself upon a person or situation
• obtrude: to impose oneself
• protrude: to project from or stick out
• retrude: to thrust something backward
• subtrude: to thrust under

Use sparingly: many of those verbs are obsolete. The companion root -trus- often appears in adjective forms.

• abstruse: thrust away to conceal or hide
• extrusile: capable of being thrust forth
• inobtrusive: not obtrusive; modest and retiring
• intruse: having a form as if pushed inward
• intrusive: encroaching
• protrusible: capable of being thrust out
• retruse: concealed
• trusatile: that which is worked by pushing
• unobtrusive: modest and retiring


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