Saturday, July 17, 2010

Invest in a Fest

David asked about the combining form –fest, which is ubiquitous in my part of the world as a hook to catch tourists. It denotes a festival or special occasion.

Local offerings include the Cherryfest and Filmfest (Traverse City, MI), the Cedar Polkafest, the Leland Winefest, the Mesick Mushroomfest, the Empire, Glen Arbor, Kalkaska, and Pentwater Winterfests, the Suttons Bay Jazzfest, and countless others.

There are many general uses, including funfest, gabfest, geekfest, greenfest, lovefest, talkfest, Mayfest, Oktoberfest, rockfest, songfest, and thinkfest.

All of these go back to a Latin word signifying a religious anniversary meant to be celebrated joyfully. I wonder if there were Festal Virgins in the old days. They’d be called Party Girls in our time.

SIDEBAR: northern Michigan fests

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