Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wedding Bells

Dona and I were in St. Joseph, Michigan, today to attend the wedding of niece Gabrielle Casini and her new husband, Nathaniel Bishop. It was a beach wedding, and the weather was perfect.

In tribute to the new couple, I thought I’d run through a few terms related to matrimony.

  • wedding: from an Old Frisian/Old Norse word meaning to pledge.
  • matrimony:  from an Old French word meaning property inherited from one’s mother.
  • marriage: from a cluster of words (including Greek and Sanskrit) meaning young man and young woman.
  • bride: in many languages, the reference was to a daughter-in-law, and the Oxford English Dictionary speculates that the root might have meant to cook.
  • groom:  an obsolete meaning was boy; then it became a male attendant.

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