Saturday, August 04, 2012


Mark from Charlevoix asked about the word anthology. Originally, it was a collection of short but exquisite poems. The conceit was that they were a collection of flowers [ἄνθος/anthos, flower, + -λογια/logia, collection]. Later, the word was extended to include other genres.

The same Greek combining form was used to create a number of words.

  • anthocephalus:  having a flower-like head. [flower + head]
  • anthography:  the scientific description of flowers. [flower + writing]
  • anthoid:  resembling a flower. [flower + like]
  • antholeucine:  the white coloring matter in plants. [flower + white]
  • antholite:  fossil plants having a resemblance to flowers. [flower + stone]
  • anthophore: the stalk that in some flowers raises the receptacle above the calyx. [flower + bearing]
  • anthosiderite:  a hydrous silicate of iron occurring in fibrous tufts or feathery flowers.  [flower + iron-stone]
  • anthosperm:  a little colored concretion scattered in the tissue of certain Fucoids. [flower + seed]
  • anthoxanthine:  the coloring principle of yellow flowers.  [flower + yellow]
  • Anthozoa: another name for the Zoophytes called Actinozoa, including sea-anemones, coralline polypes, etc.  [flower + animals]
  • anthozooid: an individual animalcule of a compound Zoophyte.  [flower + animal-like]

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