Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My Nana Returns as Ananym

An ananym is a pseudonym formed by writing a real name backwards. It was formed from the Greek words ἀνά, back,  + ὄνομα, name. Here are a few examples, all of them occurirng in popular culture.

Count Alucard  [Bram Stoker]
Many movies and games based on Stoker’s novel introduce a mysterious Count Alucard, later revealed as the dreaded Dracula.  (Son of Dracula, the movie.) 

Erewhon  [Samuel Butler]
Erewhon is the name of a fictional country, a satirical utopia. Notice that Butler retained the –wh- sequence instead of going all the way and making it Erehwon. It’s easier to pronounce that way.  (Erewhon

Harpo Productions  [Oprah Winfrey]
Ms. Winfrey incorporated the company as a Chicago-based multimedia production company.  (Harpo Productions

Nomad Band [Damon Rochefort]
This British band was formed by Damon Rochefort, who named it after himself in a disguised way. The band was active from 1989 to 2003.  (Something Special

Redrum  [Stephen King]
In the movie The Shining, the telepathic child writes RedRum on a door using his sleeping mother’s lipstick. When he wakes her up by chanting RedRum, she reads it in a mirror and is horrified.  (The Shining

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