Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Rose by Any Other Name . . .

I’m not necessarily proposing that we revive a word that went out of vogue a few centuries ago, but sometimes it’s fun to dip into our heritage. The Latin verb nuncupare spawned some interesting words in English. It meant to name, designate, express, or declare.

Here are some of its descendants.

·      nuncupate: (1) To dedicate a work to someone. (2) To make a solemn promise.
(3) To name or designate. (4) To declare a will orally.

·      nuncupation:  (1) The act of naming, designating, or calling. (2) The oral expression of a vow. (3) The oral declation of a will.

·      nuncupative: (1) Of a will declared orally. (2) Nominal or so-called.  (3) Designative.

·      nuncupatory: (1) Of a will: oral. (2) Of an epistle: dedicatory.

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