Friday, June 13, 2014


Michael from Douglas Lake, Michigan, asked about a word used in the movie Rio Bravo.  He said that it was used in a sentence that ran something like, “Take care of your own truck.”

Curious to see if I could find the line in its original context, I ran a google search. To my astonishment, I discovered a web site that contains perhaps hundreds of move script transcripts. It’s called Drew’s Script-O-Rama, and it has a transcript of Rio Bravo’s dialogue.

Here is the relevant passage:

            Stumpy, where do you keep the deputy sheriff badges?

            In the right-hand drawer there.

            You know where that book is, the one with the oath?

            No! lf you can't take care of your own truck don't look for me to do it.

In context, it’s apparent that it means belongings. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it as “small articles of a miscellaneous character; sundries; stuff; chiefly in depreciative use: odds and ends; things of little value; trash, rubbish.” The first example cited dates to 1785.

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