Friday, July 25, 2014

Hot to Trot

Frank from Elk Rapids asked about the phrase hot to trot.

There are many meanings derived from the original meaning of hot – characterized by a high temperature or sensation of heat. The hot in hot to trot signifies burning with desire, eager, keen to get started.

The word trot betrays the origin of the phrase. Horses trot. In the standard horse race, the horses begin by lining up at rest side by side. You will often see the jockey forcibly restraining the horse lest it try to take off before the starting signal or the opening of the gate. An eager horse is said to be chomping at the bit. The fact that hot and trot rhyme no doubt contributed to the popularity of the phrase.

Other extended uses of hot include angry, spicy in nature, sexually aroused, dangerous, topical, forceful, stolen, electrified, radioactive, fresh, intense, exciting, rapid, and fashionable.

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