Friday, March 13, 2015

Rump Parliament

Wes Schulz reminded me last week that he has long been a fan of the exotic word callipygian. It means having shapely buttocks, and it is based upon the ancient Greek word for rump, πγή (pyge). It is also part of the name of the classic statue seen above, The Callipygian Venus. There are a few other rump words that could also be applied to the human booty.

callipygian: having shapely buttocks.
καλλι- comb. form of κάλλος beauty + πγή buttocks]

dasypygal: having hairy buttocks, rough-bottomed.
 [Greek δασύς hairy + πγή rump, buttocks]

platypygous:  having broad buttocks.
 [Greek πλατυ-, wide, + ancient Greek πυγή rump
pygal: relating to the rump of an animal, especially a tortoise.
[Greek πυγή, rump]
steatopygous: having fat buttocks.
[Greek στεατ-στέαρ fat, tallow + π
γή rump, buttocks]

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